This is an Ohio used car dealership. They offer buy here/pay here auto loans even if you have credit trouble. They offer a $99 down payment.



Local or National

This is a Local program in Ohio

Ease of Completing a Referral

Complete the online form with your referral’s information. When your referral buys a car and finances it through the company, you earn the commission. If you financed your car within 45 days of your referral, you earn an additional commission. If you refer 15 people and they finance their autos through the company, you will receive the title to your car.


2290 East Ave. | Akron, OH 44303 | (330) 848-8393 927 Wertz Ave. NW | Canton, OH 44701 | (330) 453-3700


"This company is part of the National Buy Here Pay Here Group.”
- J. Allan
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