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Brian E. Paulson Being in the service industry for over 17 years in Illinois, I’ve always heard the word “referral”, customer referrals, service referrals, and others.  Almost any type of business can offer a refer-a-friend or referral program, but how many people take advantage of these offers?  I wanted to put together a place where the everyday person can look up a company, see if they have a referral program, and make some extra money just by sending their friends to that company.  A lot of you are probably doing this already. It gives a company the chance to earn more business by bringing more people in.  Our site gives you the opportunity with no gimmicks or lead-ons.  Just an honest site with great information and comments from real users. Personally, I enjoy hockey and baseball games with my son.  Living outside of Chicago, we have a lot to choose from.  On the weekends, I can be found cheering on my local teams and dance classes with my girls.  I have always had a passion for helping people.  I enjoy letting people be the best they can be.  When I met Ken and his team, I knew we had a great fit. Our goals and passions are very similar.  So the journey began to change the referral industry via the power of the internet. Dave Conklin and Steve Young Dave Conklin and Steve Young, both highly talented individuals in real estate, began what eventually became a highly successful Inc. 500 company in 2003. Their company’s specialization was the generation of leads for real estate agents across the country. They soon discovered that they worked exceedingly well together and each brought different and integral talents to the company. Despite the fact that they did not have any initial capital, the three founders of the company grossed $3.6 million by 2006. By the end of the year 2006, it was decided that they would add additional services even without the help of any external investors. This resulted in the Agent Success Center, a training tool and a Customer Relationship Management or CRM program known as Prospect Cultivator. These proved to be invaluable assets to the already impressive array of services that the company offered its clients. A few other tools, including marketing training, motivational and accountability coaching, a platform for blogging, an educational program, as well as numerous other tools such as tips and downloads that were specifically designed to improve any real estate agent’s career. By the end of 2007, ProspectMX was launched to provide Internet Marketing Solutions and Prospect Acquisition to companies big and small, across many industries. After discovering they had so much potential as a company, the owners are currently focused on making ProspectMX the center for a comprehensive Web Marketing Solution for their clients. This would include everything from PPC, SEO, Web Design, and Social Media. The Internet has proven to be a valuable asset that many businesses are not using to its full potential. ProspectMX is designed to change that. Ken Courtright In 1992, out of hundreds of reps at a national marketing company, Ken had more clients than all but 2 others.  Ken realized his clients were buying his vision, not the companies.  He also realized he could react to the market faster, be more productive, and add more value to his clients if he branched off onto his own. By 1994, Ken had 18 reps working for his then, C-III Industries, a full-service branding, imaging and sign company.  In the 90’s Ken also built a chain of video stores, bought, overhauled and sold many businesses and got married and started a family. Today, Ken is down to 1 company, Today’s Growth Consultant.  Partnered with Steve, Dave and others, TGC is Ken’s calling and passion.  Ken over sees the strategy, construction, marketing and monetization of 100+ sites across many markets.  Ken and his partners are vested in to the success of Referralmint.com and every site they build.  Referralmint.com takes up a special place with Ken as he was raised by a restaurantor who believed that “If you have to advertise, your product isn’t good enough, your product should stand on referrals alone”.  Referralmint.com is Ken’s opportunity to give to many business owners the opportunity to let their products be their salespeople. Referralmint.com is truly a unique portal.   It combines the hi-tech of the web, with the hi-touch of a referral.  It gives many businesses a great objective reference. -Ken Courtright

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