This is a group of chiropractors and licensed massage therapists that treat injuries from accidents. Some of the treatments include spinal decompression, massage therapy, spinal rehabilitation, and electric stimulation. Because they are familiar with accident injuries, they can assist you with the paperwork and insurance claims so that you can focus on getting well.


Free consultation & exam

Local or National

This is a Local program in Beaverton and Portland, OR

Ease of Completing a Referral

Print out the online referral card and pass along to your friends and family. When one of your referrals receives treatment and presents your card, you earn the commission.


2448 SE 89th Ave., #1 | Portland, OR 97216 | (503) 771-5555 4130 SW 117th Ave., #F | Beaverton, OR 97005 | (503) 574-2222


"They will work with you and customize your treatment to best suit your needs for recovery.”
- J. Allan
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