This company offers prepaid Mastercard and Visa cards which you can refill using direct deposit or local agents. Having the card allows you to shop anywhere or pay your bills online.



Local or National

This is a National program.

Ease of Completing a Referral

Complete and submit the online form to receive a personal referral code. Forward the code to your referrals. Make sure to have your referrals enter your referral code on their enrollment form. When your referral opens an account and makes a deposit within 90 days, you will earn the commission and your referral will earn $10 credit.


P.O. Box 1966 | San Ramon, CA 94583 | (866) 925-2036


"Per online testimonials, clients said this gave them a chance to receive a debit card when a bank might not. It gives people a second chance to start again.”
- J. Allan
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