This site provides free promotion, free advertising, marketing and networking in Canada. They offer free and paid advertising services to small to medium businesses. Ads are available in major cities and in categories form business/jobs to consumer products.


Tiered and Varied Program

Local or National

This is a Local program in Canada.

Ease of Getting Approved for Referral Program

Complete the online application to be approved for this free program. By joining the program, you also gain additional viewings for your ad.

Ease of Completing a Referral

Once approved, you will receive a unique affiliate id and link to add to your site or social media content. When your referral clicks on the link, your ad will be displayed 3 times on their top pages. When you refer a new affiliate, your ad will be displayed 50 times. For each purchase that results from your link, you earn 20%. If you are in the company’s top 30 affiliates, your percentage grows to 25%. You can also earn credits from your links. For every 1,000 credits you earn an additional $5. For each credit that incurs from an affiliate you signed up, you earn $2. If you choose their PPC advertiser, and your referral clicks on the link, you earn $1.


23-845 Dakota St., #332 | Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R2M 5M3 | (866) 254-7228


" Per online testimonials, their programs are easy to use. Current affiliates find this company to be proactive and are always updating their programs for their members so that they can make money."
- Brian Edwin
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