In The Beginning….

In the beginning man created the computer.  Then came the internet and the entire world was at our fingertips.  Now, with all this access, how do we, as specks in the air, make money? Large and small businesses are using the internet and mobile to get their names out there.  To create traffic and draw people to their sites.  No traffic, no money! But not all businesses have the time or resources to spend on promoting their business on the internet or mobile.  Hence, the affiliate marketer. The affiliate marketer is rewarded, usually in money reimbursement, for each visitor or customer brought to a specific business or website.  If the customer purchases a product a service, the reimbursement costs are higher.  Affiliate Marketing relies purely on financial motivation to drive sales.  With this in mind, the businesses do not have to spend thousands of dollars upfront on marketing, but only pay as traffic is brought to their site.  And since affiliate marketers only get paid when a customer buys or looks at the website, they are more motivated to bring traffic in that will make them money (or convert in technical terms.)  

Where To Start?

So you’ve heard of affiliate marketing and think, “I can do this?  It can’t be that hard?”  No, it’s not hard as in cutting down a tree, but it is time consuming.  If you do a Google search for “Affiliate Marketing”, you get a return of 43.2 million results. Looking through this many listings could probably take at least a month, 24/7.  So, where do you start? Being a fairly newer affiliate marketer, as opposed to some people that have been doing this for over 10+ years, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information and tools that were out there.  I clicked, read, watched YouTube videos, and repeated this process for many hours.  I then came across some information on a gentleman, Corey Bornmann. Corey Bornmann has been using PPV (pay per view) advertising for years.  As an affiliate marketer, he has seen the way advertising on the web has evolved, what has work and what has failed.  But through all of this, he has remained a genuine person who actually WANTS to see people have success.  Of course he wants to make money, but he refuses to sell or promote a product or service that won’t work just to make a buck or two.   He believes in making genuine relationships with clients that are ongoing, not by just taking the money and running.  By building relationships with your customers, that will trust you and what you have to offer, they will be open to future programs and tools.  His current creation has been  

More on AffPortal

AffPortal are personally created on-line marketing tools for the affiliate marketer.  It offers PPV (pay per view), PPC (pay per click), SEO (search engine optimization), Craigslist, and RTB (real time bidding) step-by-step videos.  His in-depth training can even make a newbie a money making marketer.  Corey’s tools have withstood the test of time in internet marketing. Corey’s PPV tools are undoubtedly some of the most straight forward, step-by-step guides, that the internet has to offer.   So Corey and ReferralMint have teamed up to offer a system that will take even the novice on a journey through affiliate advertising.  This program will be easy to follow and yet not breaking your piggy bank or looking in the couch for spare change.  

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