Air Techniques with ALLPRO Imaging have developed and manufacture the ScanX systems. In the past, many of the current ScanX users were referred by other users of the product. There are eight different systems available for a wide range of users including medical, dental, podiatry, and veterinary. In addition to the ScanX system, AirTechniques manufactures dental air compressors.



Local or National

This is a National program.

Ease of Completing a Referral

You must be a current user of the ScanX systems to qualify for the program. Please complete the registration form with your and your referral’s information. AirTechniques or ALLPRO Imaging will contact your referral directly. When your referral makes a purchase, you earn the commission. Commission amount is dependent upon the system purchased by your referral.


110 Northchase Dr. | Charlotte, NC 28213 | (800) 504-5850


“AirTechniques has been providing quality digital imaging products for nearly 50 years.”
– Dana P.
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