Annex Consulting Group is an IT Consulting Company whose employees have knowledge in the IT field. They focus on employee placement by contract or permanent positions, a pass-through option for clients and consultants to outsource their services eliminating the insurance coverage hurdle required by clients and workshops for the industry. Annex Consulting Group’s referral program is one of the largest in the IT Consulting industry.


$1-2/hour or $50-500 per position

Local or National

This is a National and Canadian program.

Ease of Completing a Referral

Commission is dependent upon type of position filled. Refer a project, and if Annex Consulting Group wins the project, you earn $2 per hour for every agent working on the project. If you refer a consultant, you earn $1 per hour for every time they are used on a project. For permanent placement, when you refer either a position or an employee, you earn $500. Refer a workshop participant, and you can earn $50 for each attendee that signs up. All referrals can be donated to the charity of your choice.


555 Burrard St., #900 | Vancouver, British Columbia V7X 1M8 | (604) 443-5036


“Annex Consulting Group has been recognized as one of BC’s 20 Innovators for 2011. They have customer cases and studies showing how they met the needs of their customers at reasonable costs with effectiveness.”
– Dana P.
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