Armor Concepts provides high quality, top of the line and proven-effective doors and windows security. They offer security solutions that are thoughtfully and carefully engineered with maximum functionality and ease of installation in mind. Plus, Armor Concepts’ product selection guide makes it easy for customers to choose the right product for their needs.


15% – 30%

Local or National

This is a National Program  

Ease of Getting Approved for Program

Joining our referral program is free and easy. Simply click the link below and you will be taken to our sign up page. Once you have completed your registration, you will be asked to log in to our member’s area, where you will have access to links, banner ads and emails that you can send to your friends, or place on your web page or Facebook page. When someone clicks on your link and places an order, you earn a commission.

Ease of Completing a Referral

When someone clicks on a one of your links, they will be tagged with a pixel that will follow them. If they place an order on our site, your account will automatically be credited with a 15% commission. We pay commissions once a month and can pay via paypal or check (your choice). We do not pay commissions until the amount has reached at least $50.00 (anything less would be an administrative nightmare). You will receive notification any time one of your customers places an order and you can log into your affiliate account at any time to see how much you have made.


468 Craighead Street | Nashville, TN  37204 | (888) 582-2295


Armor Concepts is a great product to promote on your site.  They have been featured on the Today Show as well as Fox News.  Plus, there are numerous online comments from actual users.  With their 5% commission tiered program you can even earn cash as others are promoting the product. – Dana P.

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