Let’s Start With: What are Business Opportunities?

Just about every entrepreneur views business opportunities as an ongoing opportunity to generate income by means of a sale, lease of any product, service, or equipment in order for the purchaser-licensee to begin a business. These business opportunities can be in the form of investments, dealerships, franchises or franchising, a simple vending machine, being a sales agent for a company or an exclusive distributorship, wherein, depending on your agreement with the other party, the distributor enters into an agreement to market a product from just one company.

How a Home Business Opportunity can change your life.

REALLY… We’re Not Kidding Not everybody loves the idea of having to drive to a 9-5 job. For many people, a home business gives you a shot at living the lifestyle that you always dreamed of. This is especially true for a stay at home mom or dad with small kids who wants to take care of kids at home and earn at the same time. For some, it turned out to be scams and costly mistakes, but the prospect of working and be one’s own boss and a chance to earn massive amounts of money didn’t prove to be a hindrance for most. According to the National Monthly Labor Review, 1 in 5 people embarked in home business in the early 1990s, although having a home business then was merely to supplement work at the office. By 1997, the USA census data showed that it has risen to 5%. Recently, a meta analysis revealed that in mid 1990s, the number of home based workers has almost doubled.

Home Based Business Opportunities

Decades ago, one had to earn a degree or major in business or some level of education in order to earn decently. The advent of the Internet has led many people of this generation to going from a mundane office job to venturing into an entrepreneurial career.  The years 2010 to 2011 especially saw tremendous income opportunities in the field of advertising, with online classifieds, Google ads and ads in email gaining popularity. What’s good about a home based business is that you can still earn money right in your own home without the cost of travel that normally goes with a traditional desk job. It is also energy and time saving; making it perfect for parents to cope with other challenges regarding work and family.

Small Business Opportunities

You will be surprised to know that hundreds and thousands of start-up businesses open every day. Perhaps they came across some hot new business idea in Fortune 500 magazine, want to achieve new goals, a new investment, or plainly got tired of their jobs. However, a high percentage do not succeed in the first two years simply because of the lack of a plan. Having the answers to the FAQs will lead you into choosing the right type of business cut out for you.  For instance, decide whether you want to go into retail or wholesale. SBA or Small Business Administration in the US works with different sectors of business centers, which provide in-person assistance and educational resources to help women, veterans, and minorities to start and grow successful small businesses.  Just keep in mind, it is best to choose a business that reflects your skills and interests. Business Opportunity Networks You can connect with other business owners and share ideas and experiences to help you grow or start your business through the following business opportunity networks: Aberdeen Business Network ACN Akron Business Opportunity ATM Business Opportunities Internet Cafe Business Black Business Association South Carolina Business Opportunities Fuel Cell Markets Business Opportunities China Business Development Opportunities Christian Business Opportunities Clothing and Accessories Business Opportunities DHS Club Business Opportunity Computer / Software / IT Consulting Business Opportunities Green Business Opportunity Conference Credit Repair Business Opportunities Downline Partners Business Opportunities Expo Florida Business Opportunities Small Business Funding Opportunities Gambling Business Opportunity GBG Family Team Golf Business Opportunities Business Opportunity Grant Hyderabad Services Business Opportunities Franchise India Home Inventory Business Opportunity New Jersey Business Opportunities Non-Franchised Business Opportunities Florida Keys Business Opportunities MLM (Multi Level or Network Marketing) Business Opportunities The New Orleans Business Alliance Primerica Business Opportunity NJ Business Opportunities Business Opportunities at New Orleans SFI Work at Home Business Opportunity New York Business Opportunities Texas Business Opportunities XANGO Business OH Business Opportunities South Dakota (SD) Business Opportunities Business Opportunity Seeker Federal Business Opportunities Federal business opportunities or government procurement processes is another way to improve income opportunities. In fact, they can be lucrative and can be long lasting. However, getting federal contracts is not easy as one has to be registered to do business with the federal government. Federal Business Opportunities or fbo.gov is a site where all information on US federal civil government purchases for bidding are listed. Another agency to check out for contracts is the General Service Administration or GSA. This entity is in charge of procurement for the US civil government. Top Tips in Setting Up Your Small Business Opportunity Setting up your small business takes careful planning. Consider the following factors first: >Location For example, iit would not be smart to open a bookstore where there are ten others on the same block. >Marketing Even big and established businesses advertise. Whether it is advertising your business with attractive eye-catching signs, or placing an ad in the local paper in town with your phone number, or e-mailing prospects, make people feel your presence. Differentiate yourself from your competitors, create your own identity or have your own tagline. Make use of networking sites.  List your business in your neighborhood’s local directory or classified ads. Develop your own leads. As the business grows, you may want to have a website to market on an international scale. New and unique products are good but these new and not yet in demand items are significantly more risky as there is no guarantee that these will ever become true in demand consumable items. If you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, stay with the real and proven brand name companies instead. >Capital Small businesses normally start out from home offices. This would eliminate overhead and travel costs which could otherwise be allocated as additional capital. >Keeping your day job Giving up your job needs serious thinking. Many businesses take a while to pick up so it would not be advisable to quit your primary source of income until your business starts making money.  Keep building your customer base and referrals to get the word out about your new business. Internet Business Opportunities Just like mobile phones, computers today have become a part of our everyday lives because it has become an essential resource for work and recreation, and even for shopping. With the need for website operations of all kinds, it is not surprising why more people are going into home Internet business; making business more affordable. The Internet has provided hundreds of turnkey businesses.  Despite this fact, one must engage in a business that offers products or services that are unique, with the potential to generate residual income as well as build a distribution network for current and future product and service offerings such as: >Web-related services Companies all over are putting up websites, so that web design, website promotion, web hosting and web content writing will make a profitable business. Often, business owners don’t exactly know how to go about doing this, or just don’t have the time so they pass the job off to someone else who is much more experienced doing it. >Affiliate marketing If you’re looking for a legitimate way to earn money with little or no capital, affiliate marketing is for you. Affiliates earn money on a commission basis by helping large manufacturers and wholesalers of consumer and digital products sell their goods in larger volumes. Some people also earn online by making product reviews of certain online stores. >Internet business opportunity center A business opportunity center allows people to post resumes while businesses can post available opportunities. You can earn money through advertisements in your site, allowing businesses to subscribe to your site so that they can feature their opportunities. This way you can also provide resources for people looking for employment. >Collector store A lot of people buy rare items such as books, records, memorabilia, antique pieces or even second-hand owned collector’s items. You can set up your site as an auction where people can sell their items in your site, you can take a commission at the final sale. >Online recycled renovation products In the US, thousands of homes are demolished annually to make way for new houses and buildings. Many of these homes and buildings recycle items like hardwood flooring, bathroom fixtures, and doors and windows that are of value for recycling. Developing a website where you can list these valuable items for sale will earn you money. How? You can charge contractors and homeowners a fee for listings of recycled building products or let customers list the items for a low fee or even for free and retain a commission upon successful sale. You can also make money by charging advertising space to web exposure seekers. Maximizing Your  Online Business Opportunities Every day, people search everywhere for the latest information on starting a free online business – in magazines and on the Internet so that they can work from home. With a not so good global economy, technology savvy entrepreneurs are turning to online business. As a result, online opportunities abound contributing to the incredible increase in Internet businesses. The great thing about these businesses is that they keep up with trends and continue running even while you are in bed sleeping. Online businesses never close so that prospects anywhere in the world can interact with other online businesses. This is the upper hand of online businesses vs offline ventures. First, decide what niche you will target. This means having a solid plan. Decide on what you are going to sell, or what topic your website is going to be about then go ahead and work on your website.  What is important is maximizing your online presence. Online Home Business Opportunities  – Using the Power of Words as Capital With millions of competitors on the Internet, knowing how to get an edge will increase your chances for success. This means prospective clients being able to find you on the Internet. Optimizing your website means: >Using the right keywords Keywords or search terms should tell something about the nature of the website.  Statistics show that long tailed keywords work best because it has better search engine rankings. >Use relevant and informative articles A lot of people search the Internet for guide or some information. Be an authority in your own niche. This would help in establishing credibility as well as followers. > Optimize your articles This means that the keywords are utilized in all article parts. Optimizing your articles lets Google know that you are in this kind of niche and lists you as such, thus, helping your website easily searched by people looking for information about the niche your site is involved in. >Submitting to quality article directories When a reader finds your articles helpful, they will keep coming back. However, no matter how good your articles are without an audience, it is nothing.  Articles need a quality directory to get a chance to be in front of readers and get a chance to be having your page visited. On the Internet alone, you will find 10’s and 100’s of business opportunities available. Amidst this ocean of business opportunities, quick riches have come to but a few.  Still, there is no reason to despair because business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.

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