When you think of referrals, what comes to mind? The definition of refer is “to send or direct for treatment, aid, information, or decision.” But why not make money or gain a service for just passing along information or a source that you trust, on to others and getting a reward in return. That’s what ReferralMint is all about! ReferralMint takes the time to put together a reliable source of large and small companies that reward customers for sending new customers their way. Did you know that your mechanic down the street, hairdresser or landscaper will give you money for just mentioning their name to your family and friends when they become new customers?! Or that if you pass along what cable company or electricity provider you use, you can earn credit on YOUR account. We offer an easy-to-use source for businesses offering referral programs. It is our goal, through our programs, that all referrals are rewarded, not just with a thank you, but with additional services or cash that YOU can use. All business transactions have a meaningful value for company growth. Did you know that the best advertising is word of mouth from a trusted source, someone who has actually used the service or purchased the product? So why not become a company “advocate” and actually get paid for doing it. Our goal is for ReferralMint to be the leading, trusted source of business referrals. We want to help grow businesses by rewarding those who can grow their business. We are continually updating and adding programs. We want to be your trusted source for referrals! How does it work? How does it not work? People are continually referring businesses new customers, but now you can find out what companies are offering just by browsing, following or by joining our site.

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