This program is open to faculty and staff of Duke University and Health Systems. The referral fee is for an employee hired as a nurse at Duke’s Hospitals.



Local or National

This is a Local Program open to Duke faculty and staff.

Ease of Getting Approved for Referral Program

Faculty and Staff of Duke University and Health Systems are eligible to refer a nurse to Duke. Applies only to Nurses hired at Duke University Hospital, Durham Regional Hospital, and Duke Raleigh Hospital.

Ease of Completing a Referral

The Nurse Referral form must be filled out and submitted before the position is offered to the referred nurse. The referral form is valid for one year. The $5,000 incentive is contingent upon the referred nurse’s acceptance of a job offer. It is paid out in installments ($2,500 after the referred nurse has completed their 90- day trial period, and $2,500 after a year of continuous service).


705 Broad Street, Box 90496 | Durham, NC 27705 | (919) 684-5600


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