This company offers hardware, products to save energy and reduce datacenter costs, plus support to implement the equipment at your location. They are a certified Dell direct partner. They offer backup storage solutions, IT support and their personal ESCAPE service for computer needs. In addition, cloud computing and hosting services are available.



Local or National

This is a Local program in Seattle, WA

Ease of Completing a Referral

Pass along your referrals’ information to the company. You can complete a referral card and have your referral pass this along when they sign up for service. When they sign up for service, you earn the commission towards a dinner at your favorite restaurant. Your referral will also earn a $50 bonus on their first order.


1902 120th Pl S.E., #101 | Seattle, WA 98208 | (425) 357-6222


"Per online testimonials, this is a great way to have an IT partner at your side. Their staff is knowledgeable and works with their clients until the job is complete.”
- J. Allan
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