This site offers templates and marketing programs to create a company’s referral program. It is an easy to use site that creates a website, follow-up emails, social media and mobile programs to send to customers. It’s an automatic customer referral incentive program.



Local or National

This is a National Program.

Ease of Getting Approved for Referral Program

Complete the online application to be approved and join for free. You must have a PayPal account to receive the payout.

Ease of Completing a Referral

Once approved, you will have access to advertising material including links, banners and social media marketing tools utilizing your personal link. For every referral that subscribes, you earn the commission. Commission dependent upon amount of signed referrals: 1-30 earns 15%, 31-60 earns 20%; 61-90 earns 25%; and 91+ earns 30%.


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"Per online testimonials, users have gained more customers by utilizing this program. It allows their current customers and clients to do the advertising for them."
- J. Allan
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