High paying affiliate programs?  I can make quick money.  Since these programs pay top dollar for bringing in new business I can get rich quick!  Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not that easy.  If it was, we’d all be doing it! But there is a silver lining to this cloud.  Many companies are paying their affiliates a good penny to get traffic to their products.  So I have to “join the club” to even get started, right?  Yes many programs choose to be listed with Commission Junction, Peerfly and Share-A-Sale, just to name a few.  By joining one of these Affiliate Marketing Networks, you will have access to a wide variety of programs, marketing tools and technical support.  They want you to make money so they make money.  Just think, when you promote their merchants and get a sale, you get a commission, plus, the Affiliate Marketing Network gets a commission on your commission.  So, the money is literally endless.  Because these Networks have been so highly promoted and have a great turn out of money, Merchants are willing to pay top dollar just to get the business to their sites.

High Paying Affiliate Programs

Another great return on a great paying affiliate program is to look for ones that payout on subaffiliates, those that pay commission if you sign up an affiliate, then they make a sale, and you still get a small percentage of their sale.  So, your program is spanning the web with the help of others.  The more traffic, the more commissions for you. To name a few: DreamHost – You can earn $97 for each referral + $5 for each referral they make. So what are the best affiliate programs?  I don’t want to seem blunt, but it is truly personal preference.  What is your site promoting?  What are your visitors looking for or are interested in?  By targeting your viewers to their wants and personal needs, they will have tendencies to click thru one of your ads or even buy a product you are promoting/advertising on your site.  For example, if your site niche is an over 50’s group, you might not want to promote products such as Pampers or breast feeding ideas.  But, a site for stock trading, vacationing or how to stay healthy products would be a more targeted market. So what to do? First, evaluate your traffic and the target market you are attracting. Decide what types of products you wnat to promote. Although Affiliate Networks do offer higher payouts, don’t just look at the dollar amount, evaluate the product. A two tier program can work for you if your traffic is interactive. Remember, if they like the product, they will pass it along to their traffic and you will still earn a commission. Good luck and don’t give up!    

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