This is a computer technology company specializing in process automation and computer information systems. Some of their business offerings include IT and telephone solutions such as network systems and VOIP providers. Professional services include website design, network systems engineering and mobile device support. Managed services include hosting and off-site backup.


$100-500 and $300-1,500 Credit

Local or National

This is a National program.

Ease of Completing a Referral

You must be a current customer to participate in the program. Complete and submit the online form with your referral’s information. The company will contact your referral directly to pursue the sale. When your referral makes a purchase within a year of you completing the form, you earn the commission. Commission is based upon the total sale dollars. You will receive a visa gift card from $100-300; your company will receive a credit on their account from $300-1,500.


445 Velt Rd., #B | Huntington Valley, PA 19006 | (888) 445-6627


"Online, they offer many case studies that outline their services and how they helped their businesses save time and money by running more efficiently.”
- Brian Edwin
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