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LendingTree.com is a marketing company that provides consumers for mortgage loans, home equity loans, and home equity lines of credit. LendingTree’s affiliate program is one of the most respected and trusted brands in the industry. They have a high customer recognition rate and are the #1 online lending brand. Because of this, your referrals will have a higher click-thru rate thusly making you more money.


Varied from $0.60 – $60.00

Local or National

This is a National Program

Ease of Getting Approved for Program

To partiicpate in the LendingTree.com Affiliate Program, complete the online application form. Once approved, you will access to a variety of ads including banner, advanced link, text link, content link, and flash links that will embed your unique identifying affiliate code.

Ease of Completing a Referral

By adding one of your unique identfying links to your site, your referral just needs to click and complete the information. Commission is varied upon referral’s action(s). For Refinance Groups 0 – 4: Customer completes online form – $0.80 – $48.00 commission; For Home Equity Groups 0 – 4: Customer completes online form – $0.60 – $60.00 commission; For Purchase Groups 0 – 4: Customer completes online form – $0.40 – $56.00 commission. LendingTree offers a 120 day referral period from initial referral click-thru.


11115 Rushmore Dr. | Charlotte, NC 28277 | (800) 555-8733


“LendingTree.com offers one of the most competitive paying programs in their industry. They have dedicated, best-in-class affiliate management and seamless integration making this partnership easy to promote. Because of the high consumer recognition, the programs almost sell themselves!” – Dana P.
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