PPI Lion Claim Refer A Friend Program


Lion Claimline helps clients fight unfair sales tactics and win back PPI money. They offer a professional service for people to claim back payments made for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance policies. Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is intended to pay loan or credit repayments if you become unable to pay due to sickness , accident or employment difficulties. It was discovered that many of these policies were mis-sold and those buyers are able to collect back their payments.



Local or National

This is a Local program London.

Ease of Completing a Referral

You must be a current or past client of Lion Claimline to participate in the program. Just complete the referral form with your friends/family’s information. When your referral hires Lion Claimline, and wins back their PPI claim, you earn the commission in the form of a gift voucher.


Winchester House | 259-269 Old Marylebone Rd. | London NW1 5RA | 0800 994 9000


”Per online customer testimonials, Lion Claimline’s staff is professional and keep their clients well informed on the process. Even old claims are receiving their payments back. Lion Claimline is winning settlements from some of the country’s biggest lenders.”
– Dana P.
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