What is a Referral?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “referral” as “the act of sending someone to another person or place for treatment, help, advice, etc.”  I would like to add another to that “sending someone to another person or place for the purpose of earning a revenue.”  Some businesses also refer to their referral program as a Refer A Friend program. Most people are familiar with dentist and doctor referral programs.  You go on the internet, look up your insurance, type in some information, and there pops up a listing of doctors or dentists fitting your criteria and geographic location.  Many might be familiar with the Direct TV  Refer A Friend program.  For every friend who signs up for Direct TV, you earn up to a $100 credit on your monthly statement. But, did you know that you can actually make money doing just this?!

Money in Referralscartoon of man holding money

There’s money in referrals?  Heck yeah!  No, not every business offers cash in hand, but a credit on your statement or free product is “money” in your pocket as well.  What about earning $10 in free cleaning at your local cleaners for just sending someone their way?  Or, what about a statement credit on your monthly lawn care for referring your neighbor to your landscaping company?  The examples are endless.  Every business wants customers and what better way to earn no-advertising-cost business than having a referral or refer a friend program.  Businesses can reduce advertising costs by just using the customers they currently have.  As the old saying goes, “You tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on, and so on.” So how does this effectively help me?  First, and the easiest, is to inquire with the businesses you currently frequent.  You will be surprised at how many businesses already have programs set up but don’t promote or advertise.  And, if they don’t, why not ask, “If I send someone your way and they make a purchase, would you be willing to give me a credit on my account?” Another way, which requires a little time, to earn referral credits or dollars is through online marketing.  Online marketing draws new business to a particular website for the purpose of sales.  But how can I do that?  There are so many companies on the web?  The best place to start is right here on ReferralMint!  Look through the offers that are listed on this website.  When you find an offer that you feel fits your demographics of your social group, you can drive traffic even from your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.  By easily posting a link on your social media account, and your referral clicking on the link and making a purchase, you earn money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a more advanced method of making money on the web.  Generally it’s descirbed as a publisher, you, are rewarded for helping businesses promote their service, product or site.  Advertisers prefer this method of advertising as they only pay a commission once the sale is actually transacted.  There are no out of pocket, up front advertising materials needed.  They are not sending out mailers to people who might not be interested in their product or service, thusly, wasting the business’ money.  So to reduce this cost, advertisers offer a percent of the sale to the person who sent the buyer to their website through a unique, identifying link. Affiliate Marketing takes a little more investigation time, but the payouts are sometimes larger and the programs are limitless.  You will need to set up an affiliate account with many of the publishers.  A variety of affiliate programs are available right here on ReferralMint.  For those wanting to dive right in and promote other types of products, Peerfly  is one of the fastest growing affiliate networks and was even named the #2 affiliate network for 2013!  With easy to use links and promotions, you can quickly get moving promoting their products.  They offer programs in a variety of categories from As Seen On TV, adult, games, health and fitness, just to name a few. Again, find the ones that you feel are worthy of your time.  If you are going to spend the time promoting the product or service, you want to make sure you get money back on your investment.

In Closing…

Whether you just want to put a few dollars in your pocket or a few dollars on your account, or you want to make this a part time job, referrals, refer a friend or affiliate marketing is the way to go.  There are not too many income making jobs that offer hours any time of the day.  You can even work from home in your pj’s if you so choose. piggy-bank Plus, you don’t have to be an expert in the internet, just know how to point and click.  Or, just use your voice. So the next time you like a product or service, promote it!  Be the business’ advertiser and put some extra cash in your piggy bank.      

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