So you’re at home in front of your computer checking your emails.  On your screen pop up ads for products that you have searched for from your internet browser.  Did you know by clicking on those ads not only can you buy the product, but others are making money by you just clicking.  Playing your favorite game on your mobile phone, again you get pop up ads for products and other free games.  Click and download one of the games, and someone is making money! Making money online is not something new.  People have been making money online for years…eBay for example.  You know the site where you bid on an item, click, pay and the package arrives on your doorstep a few days later.  But did you know that with today’s technology making money online or via smartphones is a billion dollar industry.  Today’s companies don’t have the time to get their message out to millions of people at one time or to all of the technological resources.  Their alternative, affiliate marketing. make_moneyIf you’ve read this blog before you already are familiar with affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing can best be summed up as you make money by promoting products or services for other companies.   With today’s technological advances people are consistently on the phones, tablets or computers.  Thusly, by putting a product or service in front of them you have the potential to earn money by your “customer” buying.  But how do you get started? Search the web and you will find over 565 million entries on “Make Money Online.”  Boy, that really helps.  So what do you do?  Well, this is only a blog post not a novel, so I will give you an overview, in easy-to-understand terms, of a few ways to make money with variable affiliate programs. Remember, firstly, you will have to join an affiliate network.  An affiliate network will have offers from vendors that you can add to your site.  Some affiliate networks are Peerfly, Commission Junction and MaxBounty.  Once you are set up with one of these, you are ready to make money online. Now for the types of ads you can promote: Pay Per Click, a/k/a PPC:  When utilizing this type of money making model, you add other companies’ ads to your site to promote their product.  But, in reality, you are making money as well.  Let’s says you have a website that’s all about shopping.  Go to your affiliate network and search for offers for shopping, coupons or specific products you think your audience would be interested in, or even an offer that can go hand-in-hand with your site’s content.  Look at the network’s offer to see how the product can be promoted, ie, banner ads, mobile.  The network will even offer a variety of banner ads to  put on your site.  So, when your consumer clicks on the ad on your site and makes a purchase, you get paid a commission. Pay Per View, a/k/a PPV:  PPV is very similar to PPC in that you will get paid a commission for promoting a product.  The difference, the consumer does not need to purchase the product.  The commission is paid when the ad is viewed by the consumer.  In this case, you want to be target specific to the market interested in the product you are promoting. Again, these are just 2 options for making money online.  In future blogs, I will be covering more in-depth approaches to these and what tools you can use to increase your income.  This might not become a full time job for you, but a little extra money in the bank can sure help these days. I appreciate and welcome your comments and ideas that you personally might have.  Good Luck!    

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