What is Teespring?

If you haven’t heard yet of the easiest way to make money online, then you haven’t heard of Teespring.  Teespring is a platform to design and sell t-shirts online.  But not just that, they also ship all the products for you.  So all you do is design and promote.  No inventory to handle.  Teespring does not take a percentage of sales, but adds their cost into the bottom price of the t-shirt.  
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How To Get Started

First you need to set up an account with Teespring.  You will then be able to design your t-shirt (or campaign as described in Teespring).  Next, design your t-shirt. You can use their online tools for artwork and verbiage, or upload your own logo or design.  You will need to set a “goal” of how many t-shirts you want to sell.  Keep in mind, that until that “goal” is met, your t-shirts will not be printed and the higher your goal, the more profit per item you will make. To monetize your sales, gear your designs towards a specific niche that you are interested in, e.g. floral designs, a specific group, a type of pet, the ideas are endless.  For your first campaign, keep to what you know and have a passion for.  You will find that if you like what you are promoting it won’t be work, it will be fun, plus it will be easy to promote if you are familiar with what you are promoting.  

Now the Making Money Fun

Do you have a Facebook page or familiar with social media?  Then you are on your way.  After you design you t-shirt via the Teespring platform, you can launch your campaign and get ready to sell.  Teespring offers a decription page with a direct link to your URL or site that you will be able to drive traffic to. Many Facebook users know what their friends would be interested in.  You know what your friends talk about. Or, you might even be a member of a group or organization that keeps your interest.  These are your target market.  Just post a status update on your Facebook page with your campaign link (e.g. teespring.com/(your campaign).  Facebook will automatically put a link preview on your post. You can also add a Facebook event and invite your friends to view your t-shirt.   To add a Facebook event, visit www.facebook.com/events for additional information.  Remember, you want your shirts to sell.  Facebook offers other programs, a minimal costs, to get your campaign guaranteed targeted to a certain percentage of fans. For the seasoned affiliate marketer, or for those that want to reach a larger market, you can use such programs as FPTraffic to increase your traffic to your Facebook page and analyze the data to reach your most targeted and money making market.  You can even automate the posting and gathering of data. So you Tweet?!  Tweet out your link.  Or you can even email directly a list that you might have.  Remember the more people you reach, the more potential sales, the more money in your pocket! Once your campaign has reached the goal  you initially set, your t-shirts will be placed for printing order.  The shirts will ship directly to your buyers.  Once all t-shirts are shipped, approximately 3-5 business days, your contacts will be billed for their orders and you will receive your profit check about 2-3 days thereafter.  They offer direct PayPal payment so you don’t even have to wait for your check.  

Am I Done?

The answer, “No!”  If you use the Facebook campaign, you now have a list of members that you can resell to.  And don’t forget, every time one of your friends shares your post, they are also sharing with their friends, and if they share, they share with their friends.  You can reach an endless amount of potential buyers.  There is no limit on how many campaigns you can set up Teespring, but make sure you target markets that will BUY!   Good luck and have fun! Feature image via Business Model Guru

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