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Mattel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of toys. Their product line includes Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, and Matchbox, just to name a few. Mattel’s Affiliate program is an easy program to promote toy items on your site. Because the products are so easily recognizable, they draw referrals to the site. Mattel continually offers promotions on varied items.



Local or National

This is a National Program.

Ease of Getting Approved for Referral Program

Complete and submit the online application for Mattel’s approval.

Ease of Completing a Referral

Once you are approved by Mattel’s Affiliate Program, you will have access to a variety of banners and graphics to add to your site. Mattel also lists current offer specials to add to your site. When a referral clicks on the link on your site, and makes a purchase, you earn the commission on the sales. For any purchase your referral makes within 30 days of their initial click-thru, you will earn the commission.


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“Although this program has not yet been reviewed, with Mattel being such a recognizable name, their items are easy to promote. Sales are also driven by seasonal items.”
– Dana P.
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