Miracle Canvas allows you to take your upload your photo and create it into a multi panel or single canvas print.  Or, you can choose from the thousands of their online stock prints.  Miracle Canvas prints can be configured in any variety of designs.  From 2 to 4 or even 8 multi panel prints from one photo.  You can choose the size and direction of each panel.  The images are printed directly on the canvas which allows for crisp and clear prints.  With their affiliate program, you can earn a commission by just selling their products on your site.  For photographers, you can offer Miracle Canvas to your clients as an enhancement to your photos. Or , as an interior designer, you can offer this product as a great addition to any room. Plus, you will earn the commission from all sales from your clients.


10% and 5% 2nd tier

Local or National

This is a National Program

Ease of Getting Approved for Program

You must complete the online form for your site to be approved for the program.  There are few limits to approval other than having a reputable site.

Ease of Completing a Referral

Once approved for the program, you will have access to a variety of banner ads to choose from.  When a person clicks on the Miracle Canvas ad on your site and makes a purchase, you will earn the commission.  But not only does that person’s total sales earn you a commission, if your customer advertises Miracle Canvas on his/her site, you will also earn a commission for him just advertising on his site.


5245 Commonwealth Ave., #200 | Jacksonsville, FL  32254 |  (855) 288-8842


NFLShop’s products are high quality.  Their website is easy to use and you can search by team, product or specific player.  Having such a variety of products makes easy marketing. – Dana P. Direct Buy Link

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