Mouser Electronics is a global catalog and online distributor for semiconductors, capacitors, and electronic component distributor. Their catalog features over 100,000 items and is available in a variety of electronic formats including a mobile compatible catalog so you can place your order on the spot. Mouser carries a broad product line for manufacturers such as Molex, Maxim , Texas Instruments, Panduit, and OSRAM, just to name a few. This company prides itself in getting the newest parts for the newest designs on the market efficiently.


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This is a National Program.

Ease of Completing a Referral

Mouser Electronics offers the Free Design Referral Services for customers only. Complete the online form with the information for your project needs. By completing the form, you will be matched with a third party design firm in your area. The design firm will set you up with consulting and engineering at all levels, from concept to design, development and testing.


1000 N. Main St. | Mansfield, TX 76063 | (800) 346-6873


“Mouser Electronics has 19 locations globally situated. They offer 17 different languages for customer service. Mousers’ site is easy to navigate so the user can find the right parts.”
– Dana P.
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