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OctagonPlus Prepaid Visa card is a reloadable Visa card that works like a credit card. The card is safer than cash because it is secured from theft. The prepaid Visa is a convenient way to pay with no credit check, activation or hidden fee. It is a great way to save on finance and interest charges because you can only spend what you put on the card. Everyone is approved and ready to enroll. Octagon Plus is a card that works like a bank account, but there is no minimum balance and no hidden fees.



Local or National

This is a Canadian Program.

Ease of Completing a Referral

You must have a Octagon Plus Prepaid Visa card to participate in the program. Complete the online form with your referral’s email addresses. Octagon will forward an invitation to your referrals. When they accept the offer and fund their card, you will earn the commission as a credit on your card. There is no limit on the amount of commissions you can earn.


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“The OctagonPlus Prepaid Visa can help control your spending. And because there are no hidden fees, can also be cost effective when budgeting funds.”
– Dana P.
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