Who don’t you know that has a pet of some sort.  Pets are not just in homes they are part of families.  Pet people spend billions of dollars a year on taking care of their family members.  Statisically, in 2014, there was about $13.75 billion dollars spent on supplies and OTC medicines.  These products are not just medications, but monthly flea, tick and heartworm medications.  For 2015, they are projecting an uprise to approximately $14.39 billion.  With household belts being tightened, many people are opting to purchase pet medications online as they are generally cheaper than buying the product through their veterinarians.   OK, so there is money being made, but how can I make money and get in on this billion dollar industry?  Well, you can start a blog and hope that people find you amongst the other thousands of pet blogs.  Generally, with there being so many pet owners out there, you can place an ad for pet pharmacies on your site and gain some sales.  I’ve outlined a few below:Mixed_Pets   PetMeds – Probably one ofthe most well known online pet pharmacy.  They offer a generous, up to 15% commission  with a tiered baseline structure for their affiliates.  They offer a variety of ad sizes and verbage.   PetCare Rx – This company offers a high conversion rate with a competitive payout structure.  They even offer their affilates weekly newletters with promotions and contests.   Make sure to change your ads periodically so they don’t become stale, especially if your site receives return customers.  Also, change the placement of your ad on your site. This way your visitors won’t always see the ad in the same place on your page and it gives your ad a “new” look.   This might not make you a millionaire, but a little extra cash in the checkbook can buy you a month’s worth of pet supplies!!!    

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