Soda Stream is an environment saving sparkling water and soda maker. They offer a variety of soda makers, bottles and carbonators. Combine these with over 60 syrups to create your favorite drink. Since the bottles are reusable, there is less environmental waste and less storage and carrying as compared to cans or bottles. By referring your friends, family or coworkers, you can earn discounts on your future purchases. Sodastream is a great gift for everyone since the product is fresh and made at home.


2,000 Points

Local or National

This is a National program.

Ease of Completing a Referral

You must be a registered user of the Soda Stream site to participate in the program. Users will have access to emails to forward to their referrals. Referrals have 30 days from the email date to make a purchase. The referral must use the link from the email to make their purchase and to receive a discount on their soda maker. When the referral makes a soda maker purchase from Sodastream, you will earn 2,000 points (the equivalent of $10) for any future purchase. There is no limit on how many referral points can be earned.


One Mall Dr. | Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 | (800) 763-2258


”Since the Soda Stream product is a personal seltzer/soda maker, products can be made to taste by adjusting the flavor and amount of carbonation. Per online testimonials, users enjoy the fresh, personalized flavor, and the convenience of having the product at home whenever the need arises. Users find the Sodastream makers easy to use.”
– Dana P.
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