This company offers physical therapy in the Oakland and Santa Cruz, California area. They offer rehabilitation as well as sports performance care. They meet their needs of their individual clients and offer a vast variety of approaches to a problem or sports improvement. Massage therapy, pilates, spine care, and deep muscle stimulation are just some of their proven techniques.


Starbuck Gift Card

Local or National

This is a Local program in Oakland and Santa Cruz, California

Ease of Completing a Referral

You can obtain a referral card from the front office desk. Pass along to your friends and family. When your referral schedules and attends their first appointment, have them bring in the card. You will be entered into that months’ drawing for a gift card.


5297A College Ave. | Oakland, CA 94618 | (510) 547-1630 1510 Seabright Ave. | Santa Cruz, CA 95062 | (831) 425-3588


"There are numerous client testimonials stating how impressive the staff and training are. They have helped many after injuries and with pain relief.”
- J. Allan
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