The company offers degree programs in nursing, healthcare, business, and professional services. Certificate programs are available in project management, paralegal, and Lean Six Sigma. Continuing education programs are available in nursing, medication safety, and patient rights. This program offers an iPhone application to easily access your referrals.



Local or National

This is a National Program.

Ease of Completing a Referral

You can enroll online for the program. Complete the online form with your referral’s information. Your referral must complete a minimum of 4 learning modules and in good standing to qualify for the commission. You must know your referral. For current customers, the commission is $200. If you refer 6 people, you will earn commission towards the balance of your remaining contract. For non customers, the commission is $150. Your referral must be in good standing, and remain active for 90 days


3815 River Crossing Pkwy., #260 | Indianapolis, IN 46240 | (800) 395-3276


"Per online testimonials, past clients share their reviews of how having a degree has increased their employment potentials.”
- Dana P.
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