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ThroughPut Solutions offers manufacturing consulting through their “Lean Right Now” process. Their tools can reduce production costs, offer better time management, evaluate inventory control, and decrease lead times. TPS offers consulting from beginning of the process to the end. They assess, train middle and upper management, educate all employees and implement a continuous improvement program so that the company can become self standing with their new processes. ThroughPut Solutions firmly believes that the best advertising is word of mouth. Most of their clients have come from their network of friends, colleagues and satisfied customers. .



Local or National

This is a National Program.

Ease of Completing a Referral

To join the referral process, just call someone you know who works in manufacturing (preferrably a boss or supervisor). Pass along your knowledge of the TPS process to your referral. Complete the online referral form to complete your submission. An upper management staff from ThroughPut Solutions will contact your referral with more information or even an assessment. When your referral hires TPS, and completes payment for the first week of service, you will earn the $2,000 commission. Plus, for each week of paid services that your referral completes, you will earn the $500 commission.


415 E. 600 South | River Heights, UT 84321 | (435) 792-4380


”TPS offers a guarantee that is the highest in their industry. If their clients are dissatisfied with services received, consulting fees are removed. There are numerous case studies showing how ThroughPut Solutions has reduced costs and production hours for a variety of businesses and the overall impact on the company. Per online customer testimonials, the TPS team is enthusiastic and is geared towards all level of employees.”
– Dana P.
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