With more and more people losing their jobs because of the recession, there is no better time to consider doing work from home jobs than now. For any person employed in a 9-5 job, that sound of the alarm clock going off every morning means that it is time to get up and go to work. This has been most peoples normal household scene until the twenty first century when things took an unusual turn; men and women now report for work in a more unusual manner than they used to. Instead of putting on a suit and driving to work, they head to the basement in their pajamas, turn on their computers and start the day’s work. Thanks to the invention of modern laptops and broadband Internet access, a rapidly growing generation of home based employment has finally given us control over our lives – setting us free from the ways of traditional 9-5 jobs and the daily grind. Although there are hundreds of opportunities to start a work-from-home job, there are mainly two categories of home-based careers; employment in a company as a freelance worker or starting your own business such as going into investment or franchises.

How “Work From Home”  Ideas Got Started

A lot of people may be surprised to know that telecommuting or working from a remote location started as early as the 1970s. Way back then, satellite offices were set up using telephone lines as a network bridge for accessing mainframe computer systems. With this set up, business owners saw a massive decrease in cost at the same time, a positive increase in personnel performance. This gave them an idea to further decentralize – moving offices to the homes. By the early 1980s, branch offices and home workers were connecting to company mainframes via PC’s, hence, the beginning of “work from home” jobs. Working from home is a growing trend that has many advantages for employers, employees and communities alike. For individuals, it allows them to earn extra income, eliminates the cost of travel, allows child care and best of all, improves work-life balance.  For the employer, it eliminates the cost of benefits and health insurance for employees which are often contractual in nature. For communities, it reduces traffic congestion and greenhouse gases. The best thing home based jobs can offer to communities is that it offers employment options to circumstantially marginalized groups of the community such as senior citizens, the disabled, and single parents who do not have a choice but to stay home because they have small children.

Top 10 In Demand Work From Home Jobs

The internet provides a vast resource for finding a legitimate online job especially if you already have the skill. For instance, in 2010, the top 100 most wanted skills are those in relation to web design. Other than that, job positions that are in demand online are:
  1. Call Center Home Agent Jobs/ Virtual Assistant Jobs
  2. Transcription/Transcriptionist Jobs
  3. Accounting Clerk/Clerks /Para-legal Jobs
  4. Market Researcher/Analyst Jobs
  5. Billing Specialist Jobs
  6. Blog or Web Content Writer Jobs
  7. Real Estate Jobs
  8. Science/Medical/Healthcare Jobs: Nursing Jobs, Registered Nurses (RN) work as case managers for insurance companies or as telephone triage nurse), Pharmacist Jobs, Medical Writing
  9. Typing/Data Entry Jobs
  10. Leads Listing For Sale

The Rise of Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

Indeed, work from home jobs are not just on the rise, they are also getting better. With Fortune 500 companies like Verizon, Home Shopping Network, or Skymall making its way in the work-from-home industry, home based workers also get to be legitimately part of prestigious huge companies  However, with the rise of legitimate work from home jobs comes the proliferation of scams, too. Legitimate, great-paying work-at-home jobs really do exist but one must be careful in determining legitimate from scam.  Only about 1 out of 42 on the list are legitimate, for instance, much has been read on some SMC’s and MLM’s legitimacy. People who typically fell victim to the lure of work from home programs are those unemployed persons looking for a high-paying easy job, an uneducated person with few or no skills, people wanting to supplement his or her regular income, and those who are tired of traveling to work or simply desperate to earn by any means. Clark Howard, a successful entrepreneur, consumer expert and best-selling author is involved in improving his community to start a civic program such as Career Action, helping consumers avoid getting ripped off. His website clarkhoward.com contains reviews and listings of reputable and legitimate work from home companies.

Clark Howard’s List of Legitimate Work from Home Companies

  • Alpine Access
    • Provides home-based customer service agents.
  • Arise
    • Provides calls, e-mail and chat support
  • ConvergysWorkatHome
    • Provides customer care, human resources and billing services
  • eJury
    • Provides help for attorneys by determining case value and develop case these
  • Elance
    • web design, programming, SEO, graphic design and more.
  • IntelliCare
    • Provides clinical and non-clinical telephone services to health plans, healthcare providers, and care managers in virtual call centers
  • oDesk
    • Provides coding and web work, business consulting, writing, planning, newsletters and more.
  • OnlineVerdict
    • Provides online case review and juror feedback services to attorneys
  • WAHM
    • Provides income opportunities for work-at-home moms
    • Offers remote contract opportunities for retired insurance industry workers
  • West
    • Provides home-agent services by obtaining, entering and verifying customer information, answering questions, resolving issues, explaining sales features or offering additional products or services.
  • Zintro
    • Provides consultancy services based on your area of expertise by hiring freelancers

Types of Working from Home Scams

1. Email Processing/ Forum spamming >the worker is simply given instructions on spamming online forums, and told they can make money by selling these same instructions online 2. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) >There are some MLMs that are legit although most problems seen with MLMs are pyramiding than selling the actual product or service. 3. Typing At Home >After sending the fee to the scammer for “more information,” you receive a disk and printed information that tells you to place home typist ads and sell copies of the disk to the suckers who reply to you. Like #8, this scam tries to turn you into a scammer! 4. Making phone calls to a 1900 number >1-900 numbers cost money to call, and that’s how the scammers make their profit. 5. A list of companies for sale >A “for sale” list of companies in exchange for a small fee. Problem is, the list is usually a generic list of companies, or they don’t take home workers. 6. Medical Billing >For a few hundred dollars, you can start your own state of the art medical billing software at home including a list of potential clients. You soon find out that the lists of potential clients are outdated, your software does not have specifications and worse, most medical clinics outsource from firms and not individuals. 7. Craft Assembly > An upfront fee for materials and a construction kit will be required for the assembly of items of some type, such as crafts, jewelry or medical equipment. When you sell the finished product back to the organizer, you are told that the products do not meet the specifications. 8. Online survey/surveys >You only need to spend a few minutes and you’ll earn lots of money. Of course, you have to pay some fees to learn how to do this but what you are sure to get instead is a lot of spam. 9. Internet Payday/Google Bizkits >A new work at home opportunity to create custom money making websites using training guides and video tutorials at a special offer of $9.97. Last But Not The Least, Work From Home Stuffing Envelopes 10. Envelope/envelopes Stuffing > For every envelope you stuff, you are promised to be paid $1-2. All you have to do is send money and you’re guaranteed up to 1,000 envelopes a week that you can stuff. The only problem is the envelopes have already an address affixed.

Job Boards That Offer Legit Work From Home Jobs

Job boards sites are great tools for both employers and employees across USA, UK and Canada. Job boards, especially big ones, offer some advantages such as the high availability of positions with a wide range of skills and professions represented. A few on the list are: Aberdeen Recruitment Singapore Akron Employment Guide Arkansas Department of Workforce Services Atlanta Workforce Austin Women Working from Home Best Places to Work in Maine Careers at eBay Inc Catholic Mom Career Corner Christian Work at Home Moms Dallas Work at Home Moms Dell Jobs Around the World Florida Jobs and Employment Opportunities Free-Work-At-Home-Job.Com GE Careers Genuine Jobs Georgia Work Ready Home Call Center Jobs in Maryland Home to Work Connect Houston WAHM Iowa Workforce Development JetBlue MA Jobs on Career Builder Massachusetts Work AT Home Jobs (MA) & Employment Medical Transcription Michigan Works! Association NH Works Telecommute Connecticut (CT) The Work At Home Connection Women For Hire Work 4 Illinois Work At Home Bangalore Work At Home Employment Center Work at Home in Louisiana — Income for Life Work from home Albuquerque Work From Home Franchise Opportunities Students Part Time Jobs Work from Home Ireland Work From Home Jobs Malaysia – my.thehomeworkerjob.com/ Employment Guide.com is another job board for legitimate work from home jobs. Among the cities and states with job postings are: California – San Diego Colorado – Colorado Springs Florida (FL) – Orlando, Tampa Georgia – Atlanta (GA) Illinois – Chicago Kansas – Kansas City Springfield Louisiana Maine Massachusetts Michigan (MI) Minnesota (MN) New Mexico – Albuquerque (NM) New Jersey (NJ) North Carolina (NC) Ohio – Akron (OH) Pennsylvania (PA) South Dakota (SD) Tennessee – Nashville (TN) Texas – Austin, Dallas , Houston (TX) Utah Virginia Wisconsin

Keeping Your Focus While Working from Home

Although working at home can be the ideal set up for you, there can be a downside to it. Staying focused, disciplined and organized is very important in order to be productive and successful. Below are a few tips on how to stick to your schedule. >Set up a schedule and follow it – Most remote home employment set ups include software where you can time in and out. If you do not have one, create a daily sign in sheet and sign in when you start working to keep track of the hours you have spent. Also keep track of your “breaks”. Allocate time to specifically to do household chores – that is, after you are done with “work”. >Turn off the TV – Watching TV can be distracting, and addicting too. If there is a show you do not want to miss, record it for viewing later. >Restrict the number of household chores –Tackling household chores can eat away at your work time. Do only chores that take no more than ten to twenty minutes or you can break down chores into smaller segments throughout the day. >Limit phone calls – Constant ringing of the phone can be very distracting. If you do not have a separate phone line for strictly business calls, try to set ring tones for family members so you can screen important calls.

The New Generation Of Data Entry Work from Home

Data entry work from home jobs have become popular mainly because this type of work is designed to be simple. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and knowing how to use the keyboard. A few years back, data entry merely involved transcribing or copying data from a paper document into a computer or information system. Through the years, data entry has evolved as a new generation of work from home job. It does not simply involve transferring data from paper to computer; data entry jobs today may also include researching and encoding. Other data entry jobs may require technical skills such as MS Excel or Access. With the advent of the internet, home based data entry jobs will continue to see a demand as companies realize they no longer need to hire additional staff to complete these tasks but instead outsource them to online data processing firms or freelancers. Work From Home Jobs for Moms For moms, working from home is a good way to earn money without having to leave home. Aside from the fact that it can be a lot of fun to earn extra income, you can set your own work schedule, you can wear whatever you want when you are working, and best of all, you can spend more time with your family. A lot of parents spend too much time at work and miss out on seeing their spouse and children. There are a lot of home businesses and jobs on the internet for a stay at home mom. Some of the opportunities include writing articles, blogging, and freelance jobs. Everyone dreams of working from home. While work from home may be ideal for you, your success lies in knowing what your strengths are, the type of business or work that you want to do and what will work well with your lifestyle and family.

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